Our Story
Musial Industries was forged through the encouragement of family, colleagues, and long time clients. In the late 1980’s the airline and defense industries were going through a restructuring of sorts, and it became evident that this formally trained aircraft mechanic needed to find a new line of work.

I soon began my career with Thermex Thermatron, having attained some Radar and Ham radio experience as well as a strict eye for mechanical detail. I expanded my knowledge and formed strong bonds in the following years. Initially I worked on un-stabilized High Power RF and Microwave systems manufactured by the Thermex line, I learned the craft of Radio Frequency welding and drying.

Over time I began working with the Thermatron line on Packaging - the more “traditional” fixed frequency 27.12Mhz RF systems. Eventually I worked my way into engineering, designing, installation, and service.      

The late 1990’s offered bigger challenges and opportunities with Cosmos-Kabar, initially in engineering and documentation of new equipment.  It wasn't long before I was challenged with handling installations and service of equipment.

In time, as service manager, I began hosting seminars on safety, theory, maintenance, and applications. I was a guest speaker at trade shows and became involved in the development of several cutting edge applications. After a total of 19 years with two of the premier names in the Radio Frequency industry, the economy took a turn for the worse, and I found myself with another new challenge - from being an employee to an employer.
Musial Industries’ focus is to industries wanting to expand their process into the Radio Frequency and or Microwave arena, and for established clients needing maintenance, repairs or modifications of their existing equipment.

-Walter Musial, President

Did you know: Radio Frequency welding has been used for many decades, dating back to the 30's. Since then the RF industry has done much to innovate the fields of  packaging, medical devices, automotive parts, and environmental needs for everyday living.

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